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The main lake is approximately 65 acres in area with depths to 30ft plus and a full length otter fence. The lake bed has many features for anglers to explore which you can see with our depth map.

The lake has been stocked with over 800 carp so far and there were a small number of original fish in the water prior to us taking it over. The lake record is 60lb common at present and there is also a mid-50 common and upper 40 mirror. The lake has also done a 40lb common, a fair few 30s and plenty of back up 20s.

The fishing is not easy and location is the key, the depth makes things very interesting but the rewards speak for themselves.

There are 40 natural grass bank swims on the lake and we hope to maintain the natural feel to the fishery.

Access to the swims by car is possible but during times of high rainfall restrictions may be in place. The access issue is being improved every year.

Membership is £1000/year

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