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The Cove offers fishing the way you want, with 10 acres of private water and 10 decked swims, you can fish hard for over 500 specimen carp or enjoy a social with our decked seating area, lodge and BBQ facilities

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The Cove is ideal for angling socials, tuition events, competitions, product testing and launch events offering a range of angling opportunities from margin fishing to longer range swims, we believe it will also be an excellent floater and zig water.


Angling is from one bank only, giving those fishing the scope to enjoy their water without conflict and the luxury of 10 swims on 10 acres.

The swims are all purpose-built platforms (rod pods and stage stands are strongly recommended) and come kitted out with weigh points, landing nets, weigh slings, buckets, and unhooking mats. As a matter of fish safety, we provide these services and anglers are not permitted to bring their own landing nets, weigh slings and unhooking mats on site.

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Weekend: 21 - 23

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